Our Facility


We have 800 square feet of wall space devoted to bouldering, including:

  • A vertical wall with a 5° overhang
  • A 14′-wide main cave at a 55° angle 
  • A 20° overhanging wall 
  • An 8° slab wall 
  • A 15° overhanging wall 
  • A 28° overhanging wall
  • A 12 foot campus board with two rung sizes

Training Area

Our second level houses our training area, including:

  • 5 different hangboards
  • 8-14mm custom edges
  • Rings and a TRX
  • Weights and kettle bells
  • An adjustable bench
  • Climbing specific equipment, including a pully system for assisted hanging exercises


Our walls are always covered with hundreds of holds, creating tons of routes to challenge all skill levels. We have several large volumes to create different angles and keep the walls fresh.

We buy new holds typically once a year and have been known to donate our older holds.

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