About us

Owned by the Members

The Kingston Bouldering Co-op is a not-for-profit bouldering gym designed, built, and run by climbers. Founded in 2010, we are one of only a handful of co-op climbing gyms in Canada and have been featured in Gripped Magazine. The co-op is owned entirely by its members. The first time you climb at the KBC, $10 from the cost of your access pass buys a share in the co-op and you become a part-owner.

Climbing Community

The KBC is not just a gym: it’s the community of the climbers who organize and run it. We run Pull+Pints – climbing sessions followed by refreshments at a local pub, and group training sessions (these will start up again when it is safe to do so, stay up to date by joining our facebook group!). We also plan outdoor trips to destinations near and far: Kingston Mills, the Glen, Calabogie, Lion’s Head, the Red River Gorge…

Control Your Facility

KBC members with an annual access pass and a current first aid certificate can get keys to the KBC so they can open the co-op and climb whenever they want.

All of the holds and routes at the KBC are set by the members. You can set your own routes to work on whatever kind of moves you want. And, having setters of all heights and experience levels gives a huge variety of routes.

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